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    Unanswered: Determining right wildcard pattern

    Greetings all,

    I have a text column field that holds Employee IDs. I need to find the right wildcard pattern that will return all Employee IDs with just all zeroes. For this client, there are no Employee Ids with 4 or less leading zeroes, but only five leading zeroes or more. Below I thought this like command text would work:

    nrv.FIELD_VALUE like '%00000%'.

    It must mostly works but, I am also getting values like 'AN000008'. How do I change the above wildcard text to just reflect the leading zeroes? Any help would be appreciated.


    Patrick Quinn

    TQ3 Navigant Sybase database administrator

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    Since you are not a newbie, I will assume you have RTFM, and the same for EFTS if you are using that.

    But the question begs in my mind: if you are going to be performing this kind of operation, why not use an ordinary char (not varchar, not text) column with EmployeeId, rather than store it (somewhere in the) text column, and then have to search for it ?!?

    Derek Asirvadem
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    Find leading chars

    nrv.FIELD_VALUE like '00000%'

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