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    Unanswered: Why is Enterprise Mgr so slow when...

    ... right clicking on a registered server?

    I work from home, over a DSL link. Reasonably, if not hugely, fast. Everything Ent Mgr or Query Analyzer does is quite responsive, except, when I right click on a registered server. Then, there is an long wait, with no visual feedback (no hourglass) and frequently the result is nothing happens. Sometimes it takes two or even three right clicks, all spaced 15 to 20 seconds or more apart, before I get the menu. What in the heck is Enterprise Manager doing or waiting on, and why, so often, does it do nothing at all??? I realize this is a minor detail in the schema of things (sorry, couldn't resist), but it's annoying in part because it seems like it should require no outside communications and be lightning fast to just throw up a menu. I've long wondered what's happening behind the scenes on that right click......

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    Do you have other servers registered in that SQL Server group? I believe EM likes to know that all the SQL Servers in the group are fully acounted for and reporting general contentment with the world before it will let you do anything with any of them. As such if one is troublesome (offline, poor network etc) then they all suffer.
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    I have a tree of groups and sub groups and servers like this

    Microsoft SQL Servers
      Sub Group 1
        Sub Sub Group 1
          Server 111
          Server 112
          Server 113
        Sub Sub Group 2
          Server 121
          Server 122
          Server 123
          Server 124
          Server 125
          Server 126
    All together 3 Sub Groups, 18 Sub Sub Groups and 50-odd servers. EVERY one of them is universally slow to respond to a right click EXCEPT for my local Personal Edition, which is an a sub group with another remote server which IS slow. Since I have a fast-reponsding and slow-responding server in the same group, I think your idea does not apply to my situation.

    EM is quick at everything except this right-click nonsense, so it's not just a case of overall slow response from the remote servers.

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