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    Unanswered: Implementing Ondemand software with customized objects

    Hello I wanted to know his opinion in the following thing.
    We are implementing a system Web based OnDemand, with handling of customized objects. The idea is to manage a great volume of data.
    And we are going it to implement with MySQL.
    The DER is the following one:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A client has an account. And that account can have I number of users available.
    Now by account it can as well have a set of objects. The objects are defined in the data base along with their attributes.
    The accounts have objects , this implies that they will have his attributes... An object even can be compound of other objects.The accounts have instances of objects, this implies that they will have his attributes... .An object even can be compound of other objects.
    The problem happens through how applying some criterion in the data base that allows to handle an important number of objects that are going away to be storing, by each account of the system. By each object of each account, one is due as well to keep the attributes from the same one.
    We found 3 solutions:
    1) Keeping the information from the objects of each account in a standarized model. The problem is the amount of rows that is going to handle the table of attributes by objects in where they will be all the attributes of all the objects of all the accounts, which can give a too great number attempting with the performance of the application.
    2) Automatically creation of the tables to handle objects, but by account. With this solution tendriamos an important number of tables in the data base reason why can be made complicated administer it and we do not know either if it is efficient to handle a great one I number of tables.
    3) Creating a different data base by each account, the problem is if it is efficient to handle many data bases in a same server or we must implement a cluster.
    Any help will be welcome!
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