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    Unanswered: VB - Play 21 Card Game

    Here's another vb game (I'm hoping to inspire others as well as throw it out there for critiquing.) I wasn't sure where to put it on this forum but since I developed it in vb, thought I'd put it here. It is kind of addicting and I didn't want to include the source code because it's so sloppy (and undocumented) but if anyone want's to see it, just respond to this thread. I apologize if I've offended anyone by posting it. I just know that I used to download sample games like this one and they inspired me to learn how to program in vb, what it could/could not do, and "do it better" - so to speak. I think you'll find that once you play it, you'll see that I'm still a beginner vb programmer (and hopefully enjoy some of it's addicting quality). VBA is my true programming language.
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