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    Question Unanswered: Distibuting a DB update... (Access 2000)


    I have a piece of stand alone software that uses 2 databases in a backend/frontend approach - with linked tables.

    A recent enhancement has meant that I've had to make an change to one of the tables in the backend.

    As I have many users spread across several sites, it's not practical to visit each one and alter the backend table manually, so I was planning on scripting this change (just using an ALTER TABLE command).

    Now, the question is: do I put the script in the new release of the front end database (on start up see if the backend field is there - if not, add it). Or should I write a small VB exe to 'patch' the backend db?

    Your thoughts about the pros and cons are greatly appreciated.

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    If you script the front end you'll have unecessary code floating around which will also be a potentialy security threat if you've specified username and password (I'm assuming a secured db here). The vb.exe could be a run once and delete (using the registry).

    Of course the best solution, would be to have remote access to all sites!

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