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    Unanswered: Find Consecutive Occurrences

    I am in need of a query which would find the same customer coming in for three or more consecutive dates. To elaborate

    I have a details table where I capture the following details

    CustID, DateofPurchase, PurchaseDetails

    I need a query to find how many customers have come in everyday consecutive day and count of the same for the a given period, say a month. Can anyone help me with a query for the same.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Probably, Please read the hint link in the sticky at the top of the forum to help us with more information

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    In my table I have details as below

    CustID DateofPurchase PurchaseDetails
    1 01/05/2006 Item1, Item2, Item3
    2 01/06/2006 Item2, Item5, Item1, Item7
    1 01/06/2006 Item4, Item5, Item6
    3 01/06/2006 Item4, Item5, Item6
    1 01/07/2006 Item3, Item4, Item5
    3 01/07/2006 Item1, Item2, Item3
    1 01/08/2006 Item1, Item2, Item3
    2 01/08/2006 Item4, Item5, Item6
    3 01/08/2006 Item4, Item5, Item6
    2 01/09/2006 Item2, Item5, Item1, Item7
    2 01/10/2006 Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4
    1 01/10/2006 Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4
    1 01/11/2006 Item4, Item5, Item6

    I need the query which will return say Cust ID 1 has come 4 days in a row, or Cust ID 2 has come 3 days in a Row.
    I want the below output

    Cust ID No of Consecutive Days
    1 4
    2 3
    3 3
    2 2
    1 2

    Would this help. Please let me know.

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