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    Unanswered: Server specification advice needed...

    Hi All,

    I need a little help with some specs. for a new server (we are a small company, so the budget is a bit tight). Specifically whether we should consider a 64bit platform instead of playing safe with 32bit.

    The role of the server will be as an Application Server running SQL Server 2005 on Windows Server 2003, and hosting ASP.NET 2 web applications.

    We are considering a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with an Intel Xeon processor, 4GB RAM, 400GB Raid 10 storage.

    We will have 4 developers using Visual Studio 2005 running on our current Windows XP P4 desktop machines.

    The developers will also need to retain the ability to maintain existing systems running on SQL Server 2000 on a 32bit Windows Server 2003 SBS box.

    Also, the new server will be for our live systems. Our Development and Test servers will be implemented using a couple of old 32bit boxes gathering dust in our server room. They will be running 32bit Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005.

    Question 1:
    If we are developing, testing and compiling .NET applications on a 32bit development machine, will the product work ok when hosted on a 64bit server? or are we better off sticking to a 32bit server.

    Question 2:
    If we do go with a 64bit server with the 64bit versions of Windows Server 2003, and SQL Server 2005, would we experience problems with copying databases between the server's 64bit SQL Server 2005 and 32bit SQL Server 2005 installations on the developer's PCs and Dev/Test servers?

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