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    Unanswered: Get External Data->Import Forms

    I'm working on a bug and to fix it I was wondering if anyone can answer this very simple question. When you are importing into database B from database A and you get to the import dialogs, database A will present you with all its objects that can be imported. Is there some reason why a particular form wouldn't be listed?

    I imported from A into B and when I run B, I get to the 3rd form in the application and want to go to the 4th form in the sequence but I get an error that the form doesn't exist. That's because it wasn't in the list of forms that I could import from A. But A must have it because A works (ie. doesn't get the "doesn't exist" error and successfully goes to the 4th form).

    Currently, I am a read-only user of database A meaning I don't have a development environment available for it because the Access menus and toolbars have been set to their don't-display setting. I am trying to find out from the person I am supporting if I can get into this environment.

    When I do get to the 4th form in database A, I can right click on it and get into design mode, but I'm not sure where to go from there, if that's even the approach I should be taking.

    Thanks for your help.

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    maybe the form is hidden. Try to enable the option from the Tool menu to show hidden objects and run the dialog

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