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    Entity Relationship Diagrams

    Can anyone suggest a good software for drawing entity relationship diagrams?

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    As many other things, ERD tools can also be found on the Internet using one of search engines.

    Different people use different tools; it also depends on your budget - there are free (even open-source) products and, on the other hand, expensive ones. Furthermore, your database might help - use DBDesigner for MySQL, Oracle Designer for Oracle, etc.

    Or, you could try ERWin, one of the market leaders, for example.

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    One of the things you have to consider is whether you would like to have your modelling tool generate the DDL to create the database.

    ERWin is one the highest rated tools on the market and supports most major RDBMSs. You can download it for the cost of some contact information. Search for it on Google.

    Personally, I do quite a bit of MySQL work and offers open source DBDesigner which synchronizes with MySQL. I really like the interface for its cleanness and ease of use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juzzah
    Can anyone suggest a good software for drawing entity relationship diagrams?
    Have a look at this.
    It's a great site about dbs anyway.
    I also use DBDesigner to work with MySQL, if you get version 5 you 'll find a more sophisticated solution of it, although still in beta version and a bit buggy.

    I find that tool also nice
    although not free

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    Hi Juzzah,

    Xcase is a nice database design tool. It's not free but it costs less than a third of the price of Erwin and ER Studio. If you are doing a one shot project you may use the trial version that is free.

    Best wishes,


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