I use my Access database to purchase products (using a Purchse Order system). Many times I will only purchase one item at a time. I would like to be able to print labels from my purchase order with product information on it. Because I will not be printing an entire page of labels with every Purchase Order (PO), I need to let the user control on which label on the page the information is printing (For example, the next available label on my sheet may be on row 5, column 2) This will change every time a new PO is cut.

I think I want to use a mail merge since Word already has a label tool. Is this correct? If so, how do I do this from Access using VB? Can I send data directly to an Avery wizard? And what do I do when the labels are not from Avery?

Let's assume that the information I want on my label is:
Project Name (stored in tblProjectFile)
PO Number (stored in tblPurchaseOrder)
Qty (stored in tblPOItems)
Description (stored in tblPOItems)

Can I create a report in Access formatted to match my labels that enables the user to input the row and column where the data will start and then proceed from there? If so, what would my code look like?