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    Unanswered: Array usage

    I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to use a string array during a loop statement. My goal is to validate a group of textboxes while leaving a few others out of the validation loop. I want to avoid validating two textboxes with the names of txtAccountingID and GrantDuration. I would really like to use an array to represent the list of textboxes I don't want to validate.

    My problem seems to lie in the For statement - Ctrl.Name <> TextBoxName() - see code below

    Can anyone guide me on how to use an array to represent a list of names?

    Dim Ctrl As Control
    Dim RedInt As Integer
    Dim TextBoxName(1) As String
    RedInt = 0
    TextBoxName(0) = "txtAccountingID"
    TextBoxName(1) = "GrantDuration"

    For Each Ctrl In Controls
    If TypeOf Ctrl Is TextBox And Ctrl.Name <> TextBoxName() Then

    ... remainder of code works...

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    What about this...
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