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    Unanswered: How do I enter a value in current record?


    I am creating a record and entering data into fields that are linked to fields within the table then saving them. These work fine. But I have a field that is unbound and when I save the record I want the unbound field value be put into the name field on the table.

    how can I save the name value to the current record that I just saved?

    Thank you.


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    Why not just bind the Form's Name field to the Table Name field like you've done with all the other fields?

    If your record is already saved then you could use the SQL UPDATE statement in conjunction with CurrentDB.Execute.

    For example:

    CurrentDB.Execute "UPDATE yourTableName SET theTableNameFieldName = '" & Me.myFormNameFieldName & "' WHERE myTablesRecordIDFieldName=" & theRecordIDFieldNameOnForm
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