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    Unanswered: Best Way to Import?

    I have a database that I will need to have updated via a separate form, likely via the import function. The form will have some dropdown selections and will be validated so that all necessary fields are input and will contain various sorts of data types (memo, date, text,...). Right now, this is a paper form.

    Ideally, this would simply be in an SQL database with a web front-end -- click on a submit button and voila, done! However, because of IT policy we are forced to work with Access and manually emailing a completed form to be imported into the database. My first thought is create a spreadsheet with the values in a separately hidden worksheet but knew someone would have experienced such a dilema with perhaps a more elegant solution. We have MS-Office tools mainly to work with. Any thoughts??

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    I worked on a project that was never used. I created a process that spit out a prefilled Word document. The document had several addresses that someone was supposed to verify and make changes to. The second step was to import the changes and update the database. However I never got around to doing step 2.

    I personally think you can do either Word or Excel. I would suggest, if you are new to Office automation, that you create macros in Word or Excel that do what you want and then look at the code that is generated. I personally would go the Word route, since it will probably be more user friendly (you can do alot of formatting and such to make the user understand what they need to do).

    I would also suggest using tables with hidden borders. Put the question in one cell and leave the other cell blank for their response. THen you can jump around to the tables fairly easily in Word.

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