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    Unanswered: Printing Problems with Paradox 5/Blank Pages and Last Line

    We adopted Paradox 5 as our workhorse database software about 11 years ago - it is used for sorting and printing fixed asset inventory and valuation reports.

    We have two ongoing printing problems.

    1. We get some blank pages - they are not totally blank, the header and page number appear, but they contain no data. So we cannot just throw away the blank pages because that throws the pagination off.

    2. More perplexing, 1/3 to 1/2 of the last line i.e. the bottom part of the line) on the page is getting cut off so you only see the top part of the characters. This happens whether it is sent to any of our printers or to a .pdf file.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, do you know if our report structures, data, etc. would transfer seamlessly to the current version of Paradox, or if this would have conflicts? I seem to recall we tried this a few years back and it did not work so we have been struggling along with the old version.

    Many thanks,

    John S

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    Have you tried setting a bigger bottom margin in the report?

    Are you talking about Pdox for windows V5 of Pdox for Dos v5? If it's the Win version, i've never had any problem in moving ahead from v1.5 to 11, apart from the fact that probably you'd wanna get the v7 to convert between 16bits and 32 bits...

    I'm pretty sure v11 reads and wites paradox tables without any problem, you should try with forms and reports, but i never had hard to solve problems...
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