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    Question Unanswered: Loggining in to DB/2 for LINUX s/390

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a quick question. Our systems programmers have installed DB/2 UDB for LINUX s/390 on to our mainframe and we are running SuSE 10.0. The installed went well as did the creation of SAMPLE (DB2SAMPL). I am confused however when trying to log on to the database. I have changed the LINUX user to DB2INST1 i.e. su DDB2INST1 - which the systems programmer says was the ID they created (Password was DB2INST1). However - I get the error:

    SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason "24"
    ("USERNAME and/or Password invalid")

    when I use the command CONNECT to SAMPLE USER DB2INST1 using DB2INST1. However, if I simply use CONNECT TO SAMPLE - I have no problems. I am assuming that 8.2 is using some kind of authentication from LINUX - is this true?. Also, how can I verify what the password is for this ID. After I federate this database with our DB/2 for VM database I will need the password for DB2INST1 in order to compile and run mainframe COBOL and EASYTRIEVE programs against this database or for case - any connection to the database via TCP/IP. Any information will be of help!

    Thanks in advance ...


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    Are you sure your db2inst1's password is correct ????

    If yes, then I assume there is a problem with db2ckpw file in sqllib/security ..

    I would suggest that you do a db2iupdt on the instance and retry


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    Problem is that I am not sure of the password - also LINUX is obviously case sensitive. What does the db2iupdt command do (I am somewhat new to UDB)



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    db2iupdt is executed from root to update the sqllib and everthing below in the instance owner.
    from root : you can set the password for db2inst1 (use lower case)
    with passwd db2inst1
    from vm you can connect with mixcase userid password
    define it in ucomdir names in the correct case..
    in db2inst1 : you can : connect to sample
    or connect to sample user db2inst1 using xxxxx
    as long as xxxxx is the correct pw in the correct case
    same for remote : only connect to sample user xx using yyy
    ay user that is defined in linux390 and allowed to connect to sample
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