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    Unanswered: cannot bring online process on both nodes on crs restart

    hello all,
    we have installed and configured 10g rel2 RAC on vsf 4.1. on solaris 10 on two nodes(rac1,rac2)
    When we reboot both the servers,

    a)if node1(primary) is started first and then node2 all the crs services are up and there are no issues.
    b)if node2 is started first and then node1 the "vip" services is not up on node1.
    when we see the "ifconfig -a" it shows both the VIPs on node2 and none on node1.

    we re-configured using $crs_home/bin/vipca many times but cannot resolve the problem.
    we are unable to know where its going wrong.

    Its very very urgent for us..please let us know if any idea...,

    Thanks & Regards,

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    When you say node1 is started first.. how did you shutdown the nodes ? Also, are you using Sun Cluster or .. ? are the VIP sun's virtual ips attached to an interface or do you have real VIP ?

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