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    Question Unanswered: Cataloging Nodes and database problems

    Hi folks ...

    Once again I have done something wrong! We had created the SAMPLE database on DB/2 UDB for LINUX s/390. We could connect while running LINUX (password issues from earlier had been resolved) but not through DB/2 Connect (Client Configuration). I recalled that I needed to establish a TCPIP node and the catalog the database at that node. I did the following (xx ... is the IP address):

    catalog tcpip node db2devt remote server db2cdevt
    catalog database sample at node db2devt

    I tried to connect and no go. I checked in the ETC file and realised that the port/service is called db2c_db2inst1 so I uncataloged everything and started over:

    catalog tcpip node db2devt remote server db2c_db2inst1 catalog database sample at node db2devt

    And I got the error :

    SQL1337N The service "db2cdevt" was not found

    This is the original name .. not the new one!

    I even tried creating a new node by using the port number instead:

    catalog tcpip node TCP0001 remote server 50001
    catalog database sample at node TCP0001

    Same error. When I list node and databse directories, everything looks cool. I even went as far as uncataloging these new node and database and issued a DROP DATABASE SAMPLE in the hopes of re-issuing DB2SAMPL and I still get the SQL1337N error.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks ...


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    hello Joel
    first : on target db : (linux390)
    get dbm cfg |grep SVCE --> check svcename -- this points to entry in /etc/services (db2... 50000/tcp)
    on client (or connect..)
    db2 catalog tcpip node xxx remote ipaddress server 50000
    xxx can be any name
    ipaddress can be ipadress or hostname if known on local client/connect
    server : can be port or entry from /etc/services (recommend to use port)
    this should work
    let me know how it goes..
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Hi Guy ...

    Did all that and still no go. Ironically, the service db2c_db2inst1 is at port 50001 and when I do a netstat -l I see that it is listening, but I cannot get the Client COnfig to connect. Going to recheck all options on the client setup.


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    db2 terminate
    before you connect.

    FYI, if you are at a client and give the service name, it is the service name of the port on the client and NOT on the server


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