Hi there,
we have a SQL 2000 SP3 backend and MS Access 2002 SP3 frontend.

We have replication running across 2 sites where we have used diffeerent seed code for each site. A 'Merge' of data changes occurs every 5 minutes.

We have approximately 30 users, 15 at each site.

1 site is 24 hours operation the other is 8.30 - 5.00

Our problem is that during office hours 8.30 - 5.00 we get the occasional 'object invalid or no longer set' message appear on the Access frontend on a random user at the 24 hour site.

It does not occur after the 8.30 - 5.00 site goes home.

It does not follow the amount of data changes, sometimes it will occur after 18 data changes have merged, sometimes there can be hundreds of data changes merged.

The 'object invalid or no longer set' message appears after the front-end has refreshed. You can click O.K. button to make the message go away but there are usually more behind it. Once they are gone if you touch any of the buttons in the frontend they appear again. Access must be closed and re-opened to continue working.

All clients are Windows XP SP2 at both sites. So latest version of Jet is in use.
I have good network connectivity at both sites.
Even our SQL/Access support consultants are baffled.
Any educated suggestions would be very appreciated.