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    Unanswered: Sybase dump


    Is Sybase dump file generated by Sybase "dump database" command will be in Sybase propreitory format OR it is just the SQL statements from the database from where the dump is taken. Also does Sybase provides any application interfaces(API) to read the dump file.(I know about "load database" - Just need info on reading from the Sybase dump file using any Sybase APIs)


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    It's a proprietary format, and AFAIK Sybase doesn't publish any API for reading it.

    However, you might want to look into using the new "archive database" feature of ASE 12.5.4 which lets you mount a database dump as a read-only database so that you can use regular SQL commands to see what is in the dump and extract data, etc.


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    Also ...

    The purpose of proprietary dump files is for proprietary (FAST) load. If your purpose is to produce non-proprietary files ...
    1 You can get database.table "exports" via the bcp utility
    "bcp ... out ... -c" gives you readable OS output files
    "-n" gives you fast (proprietary) platform-dependant output (for use in subsequent "bcp in"
    2 You can write a (simple) script to "SELECT * FROM <table>" to OS file(s)
    3 You can write a (simple) script to produce OS file(s) which contain "INSERT <table> VALUES (<col1_value>, <col2_value> ...)"
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