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    Unhappy Unanswered: Access Reporting Nightmare

    Dear All or Anyone who can help.

    I have a logitics database that is written in Access 2003.

    I have a vehicle number which is of a string value and a drop number which is of an integer value.

    The report has two sub reports. The Main report shows me details of the drop. This is working OK.

    the 1st Sub Report shows me the vehicle number and time/date of delivery

    the 2nd sub report shows me the drops and what are on the drops.

    I have a form that works quite nicely that filters the query, that the report is based on via a multi select list box. This kind of works by showing me all the drops that I have selected. Only I need it to print out each job seperately for each item that has been select in the mulit select list box.

    I need to print out a new report each time the drop number changes. For example.

    I have drop [1] with several items. The report shows me everything in drop 1
    Drop [2] has 2 items I need this drop to be printed out seperately. but still to show the main report and other sub report.

    Many thanks for any help given and source code that may be supplied

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    Please forgive me, but I'm really having trouble understanding what you're asking help with. Are you looking for page seporations?

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    Check out sorting and grouping

    Make sure you have every section grouped as you wish. Then, click on the header or footer for the appropriate section (I usually do this on the footer - you can have an empty footer if all you want is page formatting), and right click on the bar for the footer. Select to show properties.

    The property value you are looking for is "force new page;" select the value you prefer (probably "after section").

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    Repoting Nightmare

    I am looking for page seperations.. I have tried the force page break before, after and before & afer sections.

    For everything that is selected in the multi select listbox

    print drop1, then drop2, then drop3 etc...

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