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    Unanswered: VBSendMail and Exchange

    Hi All,
    I am using vbsendmail with VB6 to send emails from
    an VB application. I have got VBSendmail to work with Outlook.
    Now we have switched to Exchange, vbsendmail does not
    send a mail and there is no error either. Would anyone know why this
    could be happening or point me in the right direction.

    With poSendMail
    poSendMail.PersistentSettings = True
    .SMTPHostValidation = VALIDATE_NONE
    .EmailAddressValidation = VALIDATE_SYNTAX
    .Delimiter = ";"

    .SMTPHost = sEmailServer
    .SMTPPort = 25
    .FromDisplayName = sFromName
    .From = sFromAddress
    .Recipient = sEmailAddress

    .ReplyToAddress = sReplyToAddress
    .subject = sSubject
    .Message = sBody

    End With


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    Talking Using VBSendMail with Exchange

    Hi Shutdown123,

    I know my reply is long overdue .. LOL
    Did ya manage to work out how to get vbsendmail to work with exchange?
    I'm pulling my hair out as I reply to your message. .LOL

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    Not to be rude but... it's been 6 years since the OP. We have some more options now. Can you jump to .NET?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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