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    Post Unanswered: Problems with Conversion from Access 97 to Access 2003

    Our company this weekend ran a large upgrade network wide to bring our workstations to Windows XP and Office 2003. The upgrade was supposed to include a feature in Access to be able to run an update on any existing databases from 97 to 2003, which when we ran them the first time, they did update. However, now that they are updated, there seems to be issues with querys that previously had linked tables in them. Where they worked before, now they are dropping some but not all records that would have previously been captured. Is there any fixes out there that we need to do to correct this?

    Also, some of my forms I had set up in the past had a "on open" command of the following:

    Private Sub Form_Open (Cancel as Integer)

    Me.Filter = "ErrorTK = Null"
    Me.FilterOn = True

    This was to limit the form records to only ones that had no data in the ErrorTK field so they could be updated, then drop from the form view next time it was opened.

    Now, this command is limiting all records and not letting the form see any, either updated or not updated in that field. This only happened after we ran the 2003 upgrade.

    Any comments or suggestions welcome.

    What a way to get introduced to Office 2003 huh?

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    I would to know ,if possible, how you upgrade Access 97 to 2003?

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    You could try:
    If the value is a true null, you can use the following:
    me.filter = "=isnull([errortk])"
    me.filteron = true

    otherwise, use '' (two single quotes):
    me.filter ="[errorTK]=''"
    me.filteron = true

    Hope this helps!

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    Number 1 didn't work, got error message Run-time error '94' Invalid use of null, and Run-time error '2448' You can't assign a value to this object. It also didn't like just single quote marks on option 1, it changed it to this.

    Me.Filter = "[ErrorTK] = """

    Invalid use of Null

    Number 2 didn't work, got error message Run-time error '2448' You can't assign a value to this object.

    Any other paths?

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