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    Unanswered: Printer Command Language from Access?

    I have a client who's reports are printing too slowly. The reports are certificates with significant graphics. The graphics change only infrequently during a print run, though the detail fields on the form change from page to page. My client's old solution allowed him to download the graphics to the printer and store it as a PCL file, so the printer only had to process the modified fields for each page.
    Can this be done in Access? I'd imagine it would take significant VB plus thorough knowledge of the printer drivers, but is it even feasible?

    Any input welcomed.
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    Would require bypassing printer driver in Windows as well.

    I am not sure if there is a way to do this, except through direct programmatic control - to print the job. This could be done, but is something that might take some work.

    As a printer industry prof. for over twenty years, I know that even with that you'd need to bypass the windows driver for the printer.

    Take a look at a few things before going nuts on this . . . Where is the graphic coming from, and what is the resolution? Can that be paired down some? Chances are good that you can do something there. Also, what is the selected print quality? Can that be reduced, or is the very best required . . .

    One other possibility would be to have the graphic created as a soft font, and then insert that into the additional fonts. Then it would be a specially selected character in the job and would perform much in the same manner as the "macro" solution you previously had.

    There are lots of ways to tackle this, and my guess is that writing special code in Access is the least desireable/least portable method.

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    The most cost-effective way, I believe, to do this is to look into more RAM for your printer. I had the same problem with several reports that I was printing and I popped in 64 Mb of memory for $32 (from eBay) and now I don't have the problem.

    Hopefully the printer can be upgraded like that.

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