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    Question Unanswered: Use different query for one field in a report

    I have a report (jobCost) that displays certain information by job number. As a convenience I want to display one other piece of semi-related information in the header for each job (YTD Cost). The YTD information comes from another table then the report source uses. I have a query that runs independently (qryYTDbyJob) which shows the YTD cost by job.

    What I want to do is put the YTD field in the header for every job in the jobCost report. I put a field in the header but I can't seem to get the data source to pull in from the YTD query for the appropriate job.

    How do I get a field in a report to pull from a different datasource than the report itself while still maintaining the job number sections?



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    If that query is a simple sum query you could set the text box's control source to the DSUM function. This would allow you to build the sum for that job, as an alternative you could build the sum as a sub select in your original query then the field is already available to you when the report runs.

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