There is a script here that will likely vest in the 401k plan well before I will, due to its seniority. It has been running happily for its rather long life, but all of a sudden, it decides that it can not log in to a SQL Server in the middle of its execution (SQL Server does not exist or...). Usually some 5 - 6,000 queries into its routine. Some days it runs fine. On other days, it decides that it needs a little nap or something. The script only connects to a with a single connection object (via an ODBC DSN), and then does multiple, and connection.execute actions. This generates many logins (probably for the stuff), but the server has been good about it for a while.

Has anyone seen anything even remotely like this? Perhaps a race condition? I am (of course) assured by the developer that nothing has changed. Judging from the last_updated date of the script (2002), I grudgingly have to agree.