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    Red face Unanswered: Split database on Access 2003, what steps and what code do I use to refresh links?


    I did a split with database splitter in Access 2003 and now I'm trying to get the links to the tables and forms to work, the links work ok when they are in the same folder.

    But when they aren't and I click on the main switchboard only the message: "could not find the file: (lists path)" shows up!

    At least if it could give me an option to browse and select the file containing data tables it would be so much better.

    Any code on the main switchboard?

    And... do I have to create additional code on the modules?

    Please help!


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    choose tables from the objects, right click a table and choose linked table manager to choose the directory of the mdb file with the linked tables.
    please inform me if this helped

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