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    Unanswered: Filtering a form using a List box....


    First off i want to say hello as this is my first post. I've designed a Helpdesk database that i use here at my work. Baically i have a main form that has an overview of all the tickets (basic information) and i have it where you can double click on the ticket in the list box and it will open up a form that has a detailed view of the ticket. My question is, how can i make it so that when i double click on the ticket, it opens the same ticket that i clicked on, in the advanced view form? Right now it just opens the form and shows the first ticket, and then you have to scroll to the one that i want to see. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    You double click on a ticket on this list (main form)

    It then opens this form that shows details of the ticket and is updatable.

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    you could try the docmd.openform "myform". See the syntax from Help to either use a query for a filter or filter the recordset of the form using something like: "TicketID=" & Mycbox.column(x) where x the column that contains the values for the filter.
    Please tell me if that helped you.

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