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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Database Discussion to change perpective


    I have been doing relational database forever(or a long time) and have been intruduces to a team that uses a highly normalized database(propietary) to manage workflow.

    We are capturing data in an AUDIT Trail EAV format.(500 million rows)

    It is my task to build this into a data warehouse for reporting and I need to have with my team a relational database discussion. The relational database knowledge on this team is DB2 based, IDMS, and other past evolutions.

    The common processes used are recieve a flat file and process this file sequentially using C# or VB doing lookups of other databse tables and writing out another flat file to be converted in XML for load to the propritary system.

    My goal is to attempt to introduce new design concepts to my team and these are some talking points that I have come up with for a lunch and learn session.

    can anyone else add to this list I don't want to get into a deep discussion about 3rd NF, Star Schemas vs Snowflake, etc.. I want to keep is informational and light to eliceit discussion and relat it back to older technologies.

    some of the topics we can discuss are:
    Why the data warehouse
    Real-time tables what needs to stay in prod
    What is going to happen to reporting database
    Interaction between database on the same cluster/server
    Interaction between databases on different servers (linked servers not allowed)
    Set processing as opposed to cursor processing.
    Table types

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    You could consider a demonstration of speed by getting together a flatfile of data, and then import it with the old way, then with BCP or BULKINSERT. I find people respond to demos better than theoretical discussion.

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