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    I have job opportunities in Silicon Valley

    Hi all,
    Not to impose or intrude or offend, I am a search consultant (aka recruiter) in Silicon Valley with some FULLTIME opportunities!
    I have some at startups, and some at solid and established company's. Mostly for Database Design, modeling and Developing, and all fulltime.
    They are not big on spending the $$ to relocate, they would rather pay reasonable salaries. So, if you are in the Valley or close and looking to work with some pretty exciting groups on interesting projects/products, please email me at or call me 415-298-1926 and maybe I can find something that is a good fit for you!!
    Maryellen O'Connell

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    moving thread to Job Opportunities forum

    Maryellen, how could you have missed it? | @rudydotca
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