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    Unanswered: Federated Database access performance


    We use db2 7.2 on windows 2000. Some of our tables store large documents as CLOB columns. We intend to use federated object access to these table from another database. The two datbase are on the same server.

    We would like to know any adverse experiences with respect to performance by accessing data in this way.

    Sorry if the email sounds bit hazy. would like to proceed differently if general opinion about federated db access is 'it is very slow'!



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    Arrow Don't worry

    In my experience federation works fine.

    My typical problem with respect to performance in federated
    environments has been the speed of the backbone switches.

    But you won't even have that problem since your databases
    reside on the same server - the wrapper overhead isn't large

    Sharpen your keyboard and try it :-)
    Kristian K. Hansen
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