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    Question Unanswered: database replication tools for iSeries & UDB V8.2 for

    We have two systems: iSeries V5R1 and UDB V8.2 for AIX. We are looking for replication tools for these two databases. We are newbie to do database replication and have no knowledge on this issue. We searched for the information on web and found "IBM DataPropagator for iSeries" and "Websphere Information Integrator" may get in use. However, it is stated that the DataPropagator is for iSeries V5R2 or above and the Integrator is for z/OS.

    Does anyone having experience on replicate database between iSeries and AIX? And any other tools/methods can help to do replication? or any other suggestions?

    Many thanks.

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    Iseries Replication to Mysql, Oracle, Iseries or whatever

    I have set up a replication between AS/400 and Mysql with Hibernate.

    I hang a trigger on a table which sends the primary key in a dataqueue.
    I have written a dataqueue ressource adapter(JCA) which converts the
    dataqueue message into a JMS Message and stores it in a JMS queue.
    The ressource adapter will be open source soon.

    Here i fetch the message, load the entity with hibernate and persist
    the entity on mysql.

    The complete scenario is handled with about 20 lines of code and
    exclusive with open source tools.

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    data replication is supported on i series and aix
    capture should be started at as400 and apply can run on any location, as long as it can connect to source and target
    wesp. ii is not needed in this scenario
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