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    Unanswered: A fun puzzle in VB call Lights Out/On

    This is called Lights Out (or Lights On) puzzle. I made it in vb although a much better version of it can be found on the web. I also included the source-code (which is rather sloppy and probably a disgrace to you real vb programmers out there), but hey, I'm learning (and getting better for being an MSAcces geek). This was checked out with Norton's AntiVirus so I can guarantee that it's free of any viruses.

    I mostly did this because I'm bored at work and wanted to give some of my fellow co-workers a little bit of a challenge (the solution is included under the help menu for those who stress out too much over it.) I figured I'd continue creating these puzzle games until my company realizes I'm bored and finally decides to fire me (which would probably be a blessing). I've also uploaded a few other vb (and MSAccess) games to this forum in the past (also virus-free) if you're interested and want to search for games by pkstormy (keep in mind though that I'm really a database programmer - not a game designer).

    Anyway, enjoy and please feel free to critique it (I can take it.)
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    Nice one Paul Another good game.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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