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    Unanswered: Dated field help

    Hi good morning

    I need help in entering dates in a field in an access database.

    So I have a field name "Duration" which I want to enter a starting date and ending date and I don't want to have seperate fields for the dates just one field.

    Therefore I want to be able to enter for eg. 11-May-06 to 14-May 06 in that one field. Do I have to remove the datatype (Date/time).

    If not can this be done using the imputmask or is there another way that I should do this? Reasoning being is that I want the used to follow the 99\->L<LL\-00 so it shows how the date is entered.

    Any help will be great.


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    The field would have to be a text field and you could create a custom input mask (99/99/0000" To "99/99/0000;;_ should work).

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    Thanks very much rogue what you gave me worked! Thanks very much.

    I have a question is there a way that I can make the first letter of a word a capital letter in access database?

    What I normally use is the ">" symbol in the format field but that makes the entire word capital letters(eg. MAN) and I just want the first letter of the word to be capital(eg. Man).

    Can you help with this one? what should I do or symbol to use?

    Thanks again

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    I have no idea what's going on. I've just tried to create an input mask using ">" and it just doesn't allow you to enter any data. Yet I have databases that I've created in the past that have this as the input mask and it works fine.

    I've then tried importing a table that has the input mask of ">" that works, but once inported into a new database, it doesn't.

    This is happening in 2002 and 2003

    What is going on?

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