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    Exclamation Unanswered: Firebird and VBA

    Hi all,
    Theres a progam created using Firebird as described here:

    I want to be able to enter data into the firebird application from an Office application (e.g. Access/Excel) using VBA.

    I want to also be able to extract data from the application using VBA.

    Does anyone know how i can do this please?

    Many thanks in advance!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by quddusaliquddus
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how i can do this please?

    you can use odbc and work.

    from vba over the odbc you can use any database.

    of course you must have odbc for appropriate database.

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    Basically you open up the ODBC Administrator (ie. Control Panel - Administrative Programs) and then create a new ODBC (System) DSN (ie. a "link" to backend database using the correct driver stated.) You're basically establishing a gateway whereby the server data can communicate with MSAccess. Supply any passwords needed to gain access to the database while creating the ODBC DSN and supply the driver to use (which is most likely a 3rd party driver if it's Firebird - you'll need to get the ODBC driver from them and then install so it shows on the ODBC listing of available drivers. (Note: The ODBC DSN also has to be created on each machine, citrix session, terminal server, etc... that is going to be using the mdb file. The ODBC DSN Name MUST be named EXACTLY the same from machine to machine. Otherwise you'll have problems.

    Once you've done that, in MSAccess, you can "link" a table from that database using that same ODBC DSN by selecting File -> Get external Data, and then select ODBC Driver, and then the ODBC DSN name you gave the ODBC DSN in the first step.

    You should then see a listing of the tables and highlight the ones you want linked into MSAccess (Note: click the Save Password box to make it easier the next time you open the mdb file and thus don't have to supply a password.)
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