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    Unanswered: sp_password is working but returns error code

    I'm using ODBC to connect to sybase.
    When I try to execute:
    sp_password 'passOld', 'passNew'

    the ODBC get's return status from SqlExecute = 1 and a "Password correctly set." message. This SqlStatus is logged as an error and I can't find a way to go around it. I've tried 24 combinations (with doublequotes, single quotes, no quotes around passwords; with/without exec in front, with/without username...) and all of them succeed but none returns 0

    I've googled and found that someone also had the same problem, but he suppressed errors, which I musn't do...

    Does anyone have any idea why is this happening? Is it up to ODBC driver or Sybase? And what would be eventual solution?

    Any thoughts are helpfull... thanks!

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    That's because when you log in from ODBC the connection properties that are set are different to that of when using Open Client.

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    Other queries succeed with no errors or warning, but only this one is "complaining" And it's not an error (errors return -1) but some kind of "error-warning"...

    What property of the connection do you think might cause this behavior on this function alone?

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