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    DB_E_BADLOOKUPID .net to DB2

    I am getting DB_E_BADLOOKUPID error when calling one DB2 stored proc from our .NET code. We can't seem to narrow in on the cause and was wondering if anyone else had come across a similar issue.

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    I had the same problem. I tried to connect from .Net code to SQLBase database by OleDb driver with

    connectionString = “Provider=SQLBaseOleDB; Data Source=RHNPAS; User ID=SYSADM; Password=SYSADM”.

    My client suggested me couple solutions:
    a) Have you installed the separate driver pack for SQLBase? Are you using SQLBase 9.0.1 and have you downloaded the separate driver pack for this version?
    b) What directory is the SQLBaseOLEDB.DLL in? Is this directory shared? Does your user and ASP.NET have permissions to write and execute in this directory?

    This suggested me, maybe I should add “ini” parameter to connection string, which indicates where the sql.ini file for client software is. That parameter is used by SQLBase.Net driver, not by OleDb driver, but I thought lets try it in OleDb.

    connectionString = “Provider=SQLBaseOleDB; Data Source=RHNPAS; User ID=SYSADM; Password=SYSADM; ini=d:\\client_software_directory\\sql.ini”.

    This solved the problem, but I don’t understand way. Furthermore, after couple tests, I removed that ini parameter form connecting string and unexpectedly connection still worked fine. I don’t get DB_E_BADLOOKUPID error any more.

    I hope that may somehow help. If you have any idea about correct solution and explanation, please let us know.


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