I had a major crash on a Win2000 PC with Cognos 6.0.371.0 R99A Impromptu installed, had to re-install Win2000 and all apps.

Before the crash, I was able to export 41000+records to be Excel 97, now I get the records cut off at 16384.

I am aware of the work arounds to this, i.e. (csv not so good as addresses often contain commas) or export in DB and re-import in Excel, etc, but I must perform this operation very often.

Is there a .ini file or any info in the registry file that can be modified to accept 65536 records as in past.

The only thing I think was done different on this re-install was Cognos Impromptu was installed BEFORE Excel97.

Any ideas on a fix.

TKS, BrianJ