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    Unanswered: Moving from Access to a web based approach

    Hi all.

    I am not a programer but managed to piece together an Access database that is the backbone of my company.

    My IT group advised me to move to an SQL server back end and move to a web based front end.

    My question. I am very comfortible with Access and modify the databases regularly. What front end is most like Access for modifying forms, reports, macros, etc.


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    Caspio Bridge is a web-based product similar to Access

    Caspio Bridge looks and feels just like MS Access, but is a completely web-based. No download or installation required. Perfect for a non-developer who already knows how to use MS Access but needs a web-based approach.

    I manage the Caspio Community Forum, and I posted a tutorial there on this topic:

    You can sign up for a free trial at, plus I can give you a demo and free project consultation to discuss any required data migration/integration.

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    Out of curiosity - why did they recommend that you move to a SQL Server\ web (ASP\ ASP.NET\ PHP etc) setup?

    Is the current setup inadequate now or is take up anticipated to make it so? Does the current setup have deployment issues? How many users? Are you using linked tables or disconnected ADO (I imagine the former)? Have you split the front end and back end? Do users have their own, personal copy of the front end? Is the front end an mde or mdb? Is the back end nearing 2GB? Do you need to reach clients out of the organisation (omnipresence)? Are there in house SQL Server & web skills? How complex are you reports you generate (including grouping levels, event handler code etc)? Are the people that recommended the move technically familiar with the application and also the technologies they have recommended you move to? Are there business or technical changes planned that influence this decision? How big is your company?

    Lots of questions I know but this is a big task so you want to be sure you get it right especially when the person to implement this is "not a programmer" and this system is currently the "backbone of the company".
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