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    InterSystems - Systems Engineer Opening.

    Greetings All,

    My name is Binh Nguyen and I work for InterSystems. I'm currently conducting searchs for Systems Engineers to be located in the follwoing areas - CA, MA, and Chicago. Attached below is the job description. Please email me your resume if you feel you have the right skill set and are interested in finding out more about the role.

    Best, Binh Nguyen
    InterSystems Corporation
    Office (617)-551-7181

    Job Title: Systems Engineer
    Department: Sales Engineering
    Reports To: Systems Engineering Manager

    Job Summary:

    Provide guidance in the use of Caché products as they best suit the requirements of the customer and its market. Product and business strategies are coordinated with the InterSystems Account Manager to apply existing and new Caché products to customers' database and application needs.

    The successful candidate will have proven application development experience and strong leadership skills demonstrated by group leader/project management responsibilities and a strong desire to continue to evolve each to the benefit of InterSystems customers.

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Provide technical sales assistance in all facets of the Caché product line for InterSystems' customers, its U. S. Sales Group and other InterSystems departments as requested.

    2. Provide application programming in Caché Objects, Caché SQL, Caché ObjectScript, and other technologies.

    3. Provide other technical services for the Caché environment including installation, configuration advice, performance monitoring, operating system tuning, education for InterSystems' customers as requested.

    4. Participate in business and detailed technical discussions at all levels and in all departments of the customer's organization to foster the adoption, use and deployment of Caché technologies.

    5. Give corporate presentations to InterSystems' customers and prospects at site visits, marketing events and such venues. Topic includes strategic and tactical technical and business directions and technical product demonstrations.

    6. Provide consulting services for the U.S. Sales Department and other InterSystems departments (Marketing, Support, Development, Documentation among others) as requested.

    7. Assumes additional responsibilities as requested.

    8. This position requires the willingness to travel domestically and, perhaps, internationally.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Proven ongoing personal involvement with the design and coding of complex applications.

    2. Proven leadership or technical management in an application development environment.

    3. Proven problem-solving skills.

    4. Understanding of the business considerations of application development, support and deployment.

    5. Bachelor's degree of equivalent.

    6. Five or more years of related experience.

    7. Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

    Skills in one or more of the following are required:

    1. Caché database and application development experience strongly preferred

    2. Object technologies

    3. Relational database concepts, SQL, ODBC and JDBC

    4. Web technologies including XML, HTML, Java, Java- and VBScript

    5. User interface environments such as Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi

    6. Operating Systems including Windows NT/95; UNIX and Open VMS

    7. Exposure to system languages such as C, C++, shell scripting
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