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    Unanswered: Reporting Services

    Anyone running Reporting Services?

    I need to get it deployed and but I'm having trouble getting my brain around how it gets installed. We have a Production SQL Server instance (2000 Standard Edition) running our Main APPS and then a Sharepoint Instance on another box. Today I'm installing yet another Instance on the Shareport Database Server for CRM -

    I am going to want to report against Sharepoint, CRM and Probably Exchange.. Where would Reporting Services Server get installed? On one of my SQL Servers? on a Seperate Admin Server? on my Web Server? Do I need a seperate Instance for my Reporting Services Backend Database?

    Also, I have Reporting Services 2000 Developer Edition on our MSDN Subscription CDs.. Is this what I use in my Production Environment and if not, where can I download Reporting Services from? I can't find it on the MS Site.. Thanks for your help!

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    on the wrong server
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    I have set this up a few times. Total pain in the ass. You are going to need Standard or Enterprise. Standard only works on the same machine SQL Server is installed. Enterpise you can install on a web server seperate from your db server but it requires a seperate sql server liscense.

    Please read the installation section of the reporting services books online as well as the read me file and the Server Deployment Checklist in the Reporting Services books Online. And there are some seperate steps when runing sharepoint and RS on the same box. You can expect some errors. some of which you will not be able to find in Google or Google groups.

    have fun.
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    Thank you Sean. I'm trying to see where I can get the Media from now.. We have SQL Server Standard (2000) on all of our SQL Servers... Sounds I will need to Install Reporting Services Standard on each Database Server????? what about reporting against Exchange?

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