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    Unanswered: Tracking who is changing what?

    We are building an inventory management system complete with BOM. It is important to track what employee is updating what tables. Currently all such tables have a Date field that is updated when a change is made, and an EmployeeID field which records the employee making the change. I am wondering if someone knows of a better way to track this information. Any suggestions?

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    I'd use Lumigents Log Explorer if I was you.

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    Our application has History tables and triggers on the live tables that log every change to the table. 2 keys to making this work is to have date the change was made and an extra field on the history table that is an incrementing identifier.
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    We have following Fields...

    (create) user name
    created date-time
    (last modify) user name
    (last) modify date-time
    machine name

    It's depend on your accuracy requirement...
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