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    Unanswered: Lookup Design Question

    I am trying to create a lookup table that contains 10 columns by 10 Rows. I am stuck on how to design the structure. The data may be dynamic, so I am looking for the flexiblity for the user to go in an make an necessary changes.

    I am looking so that the user can select kg to g and it will display 1000, so on and so forth. I know how to do a 1 column lookup.

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    Designing the table is easy ... The larger question (for me at least) is how do you want this "lookup" to be presented??? I mean, technically doing a lookup involves either a combo where you select what is desired or you make some kind of search mechanism to do the same thing (reporting back matches) ... Or are you looking for a grid type thing?
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    if you are doing a weights and measures lookup then you (possibly) need two tables, one identifies the type of measurement (eg weight, volume (liquids), length, area, time etc) and another which identiifes the the types of each class of measurement, and how that relates back to your chose base measurement system for each class. that way round uit doesn't matter if one customer deamnds US fluid measurements or UK, or metric. you 'jsut change the realtionship between the base measurement and the relevant conversion factor

    eg you could choose volume (liquids)
    define your base unit as (say) a pint
    so you'd have 1 pint = 1 pint
    and 0.125 gallons in a pint
    and 568 ml in one pint
    and .568litres in a pint
    and 1.211 US pints in a Pint
    and 0.151 US gallons in a pint

    bear in mind you could load these values into a combos recordsource and strip out the conversion factor as required using the column() property
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