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    Unanswered: Import .qdf files into Oracle 10g


    I have got an old Quadbase SQL Server v4.3 which is going to be replaced with an Oracle 10g Server.

    Now I got 2 DB files from the Quadbase Server: DATA.QDF and BLOB.QDF which both are in binary format.
    Is there a possibility to convert these files into an importable format for Oracle?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards,

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    A couple of thoughts...

    1. You could export the data into flat files and write a SQL Loader program/parameter file to load the data into Oracle. If there are a lot of tables or there is a lot of transformation to be done, then this may not be too practical.

    2. If there is a driver for the Quadbase product, you could write an application to do something similar (with similar caveats).

    3. You could look at using a SQL DTS package (if you have SQL available to you). If there are a lot of tables, but not a lot of transformations, this could be an easy approach.

    There may well be other approaches...these are just a few to get you thinking...


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