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    Unanswered: Basic query question

    Hello, i have a small database thats purpose is to show when a book has been returned to me. I am recording the date that books are loaned out. Books are loaned for a 2 week period. I dont know if it would be easier to just manually put in the date that books should be returned (so that means just manually calculate what the date will be 2 weeks later). The reason for this is because i want a query that shows when the date has passed and how many days overdue the book is. Would this be difficult to achieve? What i was thinking is a query that calculates when the 2 week period is up and adds the unique number for book in a report.

    Can anyone help?


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    Quote Originally Posted by marleyuk
    Basic query question
    Fat chance!

    Hi Marley

    One of the rules of databases is don't store what you can work out. If you have a loaned out date field and it is always due back two weeks later then you work out the date it is due back as and when required. You can then see how long it is overdue.

    You want to look at DATEADD to work out your due-back-date and DATEDIFF for your how-many-days-overdue

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