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    First SQL database

    I am in the design phase of this concept and am looking for input.

    Background: I have a client that is looking for a way to access dispersed information form a single location. Giving them the ability to find out which employees are where, what is there job function there, when did they get there, and how was there performance.

    Clarification of diagram:
    1.Employee Table (i.e. Contact information,hiredate)
    2.Facilities Table (i.e. Address, Contact)
    3.Disciplines Table (i.e. RN, LPN, CPht)
    4.Location Table (Relate employee(s) to facility)
    5.Evaluation Table (i.e. Employee Eval, Facility Eval, Contractor Eval)

    So would I be correct in my diagram on how the database structure should be set up? And since it is a possible that an employee can hold multiple disciplines would I need a PK for that table?
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    could an individual employee be associated with more than one dicipline?

    is an employee?
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    Yes an employee can be associated with more than one discipline. Facility table only list facility information (cntact information would be primary contact and is not an employee)

    Employee Table will consist of contract employees working at Facilities listed in the Facility Table

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