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    Unanswered: Sum of Summarized fields

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a report that is summarizing two amounts based on group #1, account number. Previous Total and Existing Total.

    I then have a formula, @Difference that calculates the difference, Existing - Previous

    I then have a third formula, Net Amount, that says if @Difference > 0 then @Difference else 0.

    All of these formulas are working just fine. However, I now want to Sum the third formula Net Amount in the Report Footer. However, I am getting error messages saying that the Net Amount cannot be summarized. I've tried using ToNumber, I've tried making it a Local Numbervar, and I'm out of ideas.

    Any help in getting Crystal to summarize this field would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've found that when Crystal doesn't give you the option to summarize, you can declare a new variable and set it to accumulate the field you need to summarize. Like this

    NumberVar Report_Summary_Field:=Report_Summary_Field  + {@Calculated_Summary_Field];
    Put this new field at the same footer level as the original summary field, so that it will accumulate every time the original summary field appears.

    Once you're sure it's accumulating properly, put a copy of the new field at the next footer level.

    If your summary isn't a Grand Total, you'll need to reset the variable to zero at the appropriate header level with another field. Like this

    NumberVar Report_Summary_Field:=0
    There's probably a different/better way, but I haven't found it, yet.

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    hi trowe,

    i already got the sum of all the subtotals using the techniques you posted. but there's one thing more i'd like to do. i'd like to get the average of all the subtotals i've just summed up. or just divide the sum to the no. of group. how will i do this?

    thanks a lot.

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    Old stuff, but it came in handy

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