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    Question XML driven Reports - opensource report generator?

    I'm looking for an opensource/freeware product that will let me map out xml tags and generate a hiearchial report based on the data in those tags - summaries, peaks, graphs, etc.

    Preferably windows based, but I'm willing to work with linux/php/cgi stuff too.

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    Well good news...Office 2007 is XML based to produce smaller easier to share the beta version from MS site today....or tomorrow, whatever. We're kind of proud of this one. We, well, "they" I just suggest the simple things. Sometimes the SuperBrains can't see the forest for the trees, I bring common sense to the table. We reworked the whole thing. No more toolbars, no more task pane. Keyboard shortcuts still work, one of my simple "no leave them for goodness sakes" ideas. We replaced it with a user friendly ribbon, all with icons to make it easier on those of us who can't read the tiny print, diabeties bites, exercise today, don't get it. Run....Run silent run deep but run...
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