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    Unanswered: Alert Not Being Triggered

    Hi guys,

    Hope you are all well.

    I am trying to set up a 'SQL Server event alert' that will 'net send' a warning message to one of the Operators that have been set-up on our SQL Server.

    The alert has been configured to act on severity level '009 - User Defined', for all databases.

    I have created a user defined system message with a severity level '9' on the sysmessages table.

    EXEC sp_addmessage 80000, 9, 'My User Defined Message'
    ...and I have raised this error on our SQL Server.

    RAISERROR(80000, 9, 1) WITH LOG
    The error message is being generated in the SQL Server Log file, but for some reason my Alert does not appear to fire off the 'net send' event.

    The operator is 'available to receive notifications', and I have tested the 'net send' command successfully.

    Does anyone know why this Alert might not be sending a message with the 'net send' command?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I found the 'problem'. There is a text box in the Alert properties labelled 'Error message contains this text'. I stupidly assumed that this would be the message displayed to the Operator, when in fact this actually restricts the alert to only those events that contain the text specified in the error message.

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