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    Unanswered: Unable to connect second computer to SQL Server database

    Hello all,

    New forum member here, and pretty new to SQL Server. My question is I'm having an impossible time trying to connect MS Access on Computer A to a database running on SQL Server 2k (SP3) on Computer B. Every time I try to create a new ODBC connection on Computer A, I get the dreaded Server Error 17 (SQL Server does not exist or access denied). I have no problems making the ODBC connection on the computer running SQL Server (Computer B).

    My connection settings are as follows:

    Computer A name = MAINDESKTOP
    Computer B name (contains SQL Server) = HOMELAPTOP
    Workgroup name = WORKGROUP

    Server Properties:

    Authentication = SQL Server and Windows
    Registered SQL Server Properties = Use SQL Server authentication, and I'm using a login name and password
    Server Network Utility = TCP/IP network protocol enabled, with default port 1433
    Server Client Network Utility = TCP/IP network, default port 1433

    Under "Security", I have created a new login using SQL Server Authentication called "bradley", and have assigned a password to the new login. I've noticed that when I open the login properties dialogue, there are always more ***'s in the password field than the number of characters I originally used, but I suspect that's normal. I have assigned a database called "Costume" to "bradley", and have verified that the permission is checked on the Database Access tab for user "bradley".

    Under "Databases\Costume", I have verified that there is a user called "bradley" with the same login name and user name.

    No matter what I try, I can't get Computer A to connect to Computer B's SQL Server database. I have no problems with any other types of connections (pinging, internet, file transfers).

    This can't be that difficult! Any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    I believe you need to create an Access Project. To do this:
    • Within Access, select New from the File menu
    • Choose 'Project using existing data'
    • Choose a name and a location to save the new .adp file
    • On the Data Link Properties screen, enter HOME LAPTOP as the Server name, Costume as the database and fill in the username and password - bradley/<password>
    Then click the 'Test connection' button. You should get a 'Test connection succeeded' dialog box

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    I think you can create ODBC DSN in system controller panel on coputer A.While creating ,you may use IP Address in the host Listbox,select the SQL Server Logging Verfying Mode, not select Windows Verfying Mode. And then input your account and password to connect the SQL Server.In the last step, you can test the connection. It will show the conncection is successful or not. Good luck!

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    Also, if you have a software-based firewall running on either comnputer, make sure the SQL Server port number is open. (default port = 1433)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lempster
    I believe you need to create an Access Project.
    First things first. He says he can't even create an ODBC connection.
    When you create a new ODBC entry for the remote SQL Server, what response do you get after clicking the "Test Connection" button at the end of the Wizard?
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    Figured it out!

    Hi again everyone!

    First of all, thanks for all the helpful suggestions. After days of struggling with this, I was finally able to determine that the problem was with "Windows Firewall" being activated on the SQL Server machine (I know, I know, get a real firewall, but this is just my personal PC at home...anyway, an upgrade is in the near future ). I assumed wrong that the firewall made by Microsoft would automatically let SQL Server communicate by TCP/IP, especially since I don't see any configuration options to allow specific ports open in Windows Firewall to do so. Initially I thought the problem was with the client side firewall, so that's where I concentrated my head-banging the most. Wrong!

    And also a special thanks to Lempster for the Access Project tip. Originally I had been trying to link to SQL Server from Access using a normal database with 'linked tables'. The Access Project is a much more elegant way to go that I didn't even know existed as an option.

    Thanks a million!

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    hi, my problem is im using sql server 2008 r2 database , my project is netwrking related,i connected 2 pc 's in lan through cabal in 1st system i installed sql sever 2008 r2, .net 4.0, but my problem is im cteate win form project setup file n run dt setup file in 2nd it cnt wrk prprly my error is it vl open login form but when i enter agentid ,name ,psw it's nt wrk properly,i set all of conctn string ,datasource r correctly afr setng al thease proprties den only i create setup file but my error is a network related or instance spesific error occured while establishng a connection to sql. the server was not found r not accesible verify that the insatnce name is correct and that sql server is configured to allow remote connection.....plz give sol for me asap

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