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    Question Unanswered: How to know if LRU is flushing an SP or not?


    I have been assigned this performance tuning project that consists of my application calling a Stored Procedure that in turn calls about 20 SPs from within itself. As you might have guessed this is awfully time-consuming.

    One of the considerations is pinning some of these SPs to the SGA. However, my application keeps on calling the parent SP at regular time intervals. Therefore, i need to know if the LRU is ever flushing any of the SPs or not, cause if it is not flushing them, then there is no use pinning them.

    How do i find out whether the LRU is flushing the objects or not? Please help

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    From Metlinkubject:

    Using the Oracle DBMS_SHARED_POOL Package
    Doc ID: Note:61760.1 Type: BULLETIN
    Last Revision Date: 03-AUG-2006 Status: PUBLISHED
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